WBWE Asia announces second edition in China

Following the success of its first edition, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) Asia will host the event again in Yantai, China, on 29-30 May 2020.

Yantai is known as China’s most important bulk wine city, with more than 80% of the bulk wine that enters China each year doing so via the port of Yantai.

Backed by the Chinese government, WBWE Asia places a strong emphasis on opening up the global market for Chinese wineries, as well as providing a platform for industry professionals around the world to meet and mingle.

On the press conference of the second edition of WBWE Asia, Zhao Xinzhi, representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Yantai, expressed his support for the event, which adds further legitimacy to the city’s status in the international wine industry.

Vicente Sánchez Migallón, CEO of the WBWE Asia, commented: “The fair helps global wine traders to gain a better understanding on the strategic importance of Yantai in Chinese wine market, eventually fostering more and more potential business opportunities in this vast market.”

For this coming edition, the fair will introduce new features including spirits, wine making related technology and innovation. The China National Food Industry Association will also be staged alongside WBWE Asia 2020.

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