‘The definitive Christmas present for wine lovers’ recreated

A new book called In Vino Veritas “is the recreation of the definite Christmas present for anyone who loved wine when I was in my 20s,” according to wine writer Steven Spurrier.

Published by The Académie du Vin Library, the book, which has been edited by Susan Keevil, is inspired by Cyril Ray’s The Compleat Imbiber – a guide first published in 1957, and one that prompted Spurrier to make the remark.

Spurrier, who founded the Académie du Vin Library, described this latest book from the business as “my baby”, adding that In Vino Veritas would be “launching onto the worldwide market something that we haven’t seen for 25 years,” again, speaking about its similarity to Ray’s book, which was published intermittently in Britain from 1957 to 1992.

Among many extracts featured within In Vino Veritas, which is described as ‘a collection of fine wine writing past and present’, Spurrier picked out an entry called ‘A Viking in the vineyard’ by Peter Vinding-Diers as a particular favourite.

Spurrier commented, “It is a translation from the first chapter of his book that has only been published in Danish… and I thought I went to smart places, but Peter beats me hands down, this really is the life of an aristocrat.”

In Vino Veritas is the fourth book in the Académie du Vin Library and can be ordered online by clicking here.

We are pleased to published some extracts from the book, which can be viewed over the following pages.  

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