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AI-driven tools for fast-growing alcohol brands

Accelerate the growth of your spirits, beer or wine brand by leveraging real-time insights and prescriptive market intelligence.


Ditch the spreadsheets.
We’re bringing the alcohol industry into the 21st century.

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Build data-driven account lists with only the venues that fit your brand.

Overproof helps you generate lists of venues where you have the highest success probability by analyzing venues and menus against your target account profile. Then you can hit the field with a plan or assign these priority accounts to your field team to increase their chance of securing a placement.
Two screenshots of the Overproof app that show a user's goal screen and the activity that contributes to the status of that goal.

Track goal progress and hold your team accountable to KPIs.

Overproof’s sales enablement software lets you create goal sets for each team member, product, market and activity type. Built with sales teams in mind, the Overproof app enables reps to execute sales activities that count toward achieving their goals and track their progress in real time.
Two screenshots of the Overproof app that show a user's goal screen and the activity that contributes to the status of that goal.
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Plan and track smarter off-premise sampling programs.

Get more out of your sampling program by equipping talent with an easy-to-use app to gather store, inventory and competitor data, and track consumer demographics, feedback and conversions.

With comprehensive program and talent performance dashboards, you can view results in one place. Easily identify the best possible combinations of location, schedule, talent and product to continuously drive success in the off-premise.

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Streamline on-premise relationships with F&B Insights.

The F&B Insights marketplace makes it easy for brands to meet and access cocktail sales insights from new or current merchants. Partner together on a cocktail program, which you can set to target specific markets or a desired venue profile, and gain access to your on-premise performance data.
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Overproof is the only platform for alcohol brands, built by beverage alcohol people.

“Having lived the pain points our customers face daily while bringing a product to market, it was clear the alcohol industry lacked advanced technology that could give brands access to real-time insights. This motivated me to start Overproof to help brands get the insights they need to drive success and scale their products efficiently.”
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Marc De Kuyper
Founder & CEO of Overproof
Previous CEO of Royal Dutch Distillers
11th Gen., De Kuyper Royal Distillers

Marc De Kuyper

Marc is the eldest of the 11th generation of De Kuyper Royal Distillers, one of the oldest family distilleries in the world. In 2018, Marc founded Overproof, a one-stop-shop Software as a Service for the beverage alcohol industry. Since its founding, Overproof has secured multiple rounds of investments, and has grown to 20+ employees located in Miami, Denver, and Santa Fe, Argentina. With Overproof, Marc is bringing together his network, real-life experience with the challenges of building brands from the ground up, and his passion for the beverage alcohol industry.

“Over the last decades, I have seen the industry continuously evolve, but what we are facing now is a completely new era in the world of food and beverage. Technology will prove instrumental in helping suppliers, distributors and merchants adapt in this landscape. The experienced team at Overproof creates solutions that will forever change the way the industry does business.”
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Rudy Ruiz
Overproof Board Member
Previous CEO of Bacardi USA, EVP Emerging Spirits at Southern Glazer’s

Rodolfo (Rudy) Ruiz

Ruiz was appointed to the Overproof Board of Directors in September. He joined the board having spent more than 40 years in the beverage alcohol industry. Currently Managing Director at Park Street Companies, Ruiz most recently served as EVP of Emerging Spirits at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. He joined Southern Wine after 25 years at Bacardi, in leadership roles that included president and CEO of Bacardi Asia/Pacific, president of Bacardi Global Brands, and president and CEO of Bacardi USA.


Have a question about Overproof?

Overproof is a Miami-based data company that helps beverage alcohol brands leverage predictive market intelligence, access account-level insights, and identify microtrends to outsmart the competition at every touchpoint: in the field, on the bar, in liquor stores and in consumer homes. Our platform, Overproof, is the most powerful platform for fast-growing alcohol brands.
The Overproof platform is a web portal that helps brand owners and managers create tailored and effective go-to-market strategies based on unique and industry-specific insights. Fully customizable to the specific circumstances of each brand, the platform includes concrete goal-setting functionality and Marketing & Sales activation planning tools.
The Overproof App provides Artificial Intelligence-powered and real-time insight into the DNA of any bar or venue, including suppliers, portfolio of brands, beverage programs and menu profile, which drives optimization of commercial planning and field execution. To learn more, visit the Overproof app page.
F&B Insights is the first and only platform that empowers bars and restaurants to monetize their existing POS sales data. Powered by Overproof, F&B Insights cleans, enhances and enriches raw POS data, and delivers brand performance reports to partnering beverage alcohol suppliers.
Tastings enables customers to plan, schedule and execute off-premise activations. Within the web portal, brand managers can create new programs, set parameters and goals, track expenses, sales and more. The mobile app enables talent to capture activation data in real-time and provides the information brand managers need to gauge program success.
Overproof provides alcohol brands with sales enablement tools that optimize the execution of a brand’s sales strategy at every touchpoint: route-to-market, in the field, behind the bar, on the shelf and in consumers’ homes. Overproof’s solutions tap into real-time market data and feature sales functionalities that enable field teams to track account activities, depletions, order fulfillment, and much more.
Overproof’s predictive model uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to analyze any venue against a brand’s target account profile and provide real-time opportunity analysis. This generates an Overproof Score that highlights which accounts a brand should prioritize and what their current market share is. Brands can leverage the Overproof Score to outsmart its competition on-premise.
Overproof Insights is our proprietary data repository and business intelligence platform, which feeds real-time data and insights to the Overproof platform and Overproof app., which in turn inform sales and marketing strategies. Fueled by day-to-day actions taken by our customers and by data we collect from trusted third parties, Overproof Insights turns regular metrics into smarter metrics that help businesses and brands succeed.