Empower better decisions.

Overproof is on a mission to level the playing field in the heavily monopolized adult beverage industry, and give anyone with a dream – regardless of company size – the power to plan for the future of their business and brand.


Who we are

Overproof is a business intelligence company that helps customers in the adult beverage industry create, execute and analyze winning brand strategies.

Our commercial planning and brand management platform gives customers access to data, insights, methodologies, networks and tools that help build business success. At the core of our company is the belief that smarter metrics lead to actionable insights, which inform better decisions, which in turn fuel business growth.

What we do

We bring together the power of “big data”, Overproof’s proprietary market insights and our customer’s business data to help fuel business growth.

Through the Overproof web-portal and mobile apps, we offer automated business intelligence and empowered decision-making in real-time.

Commercial Planning

Overproof’s Commercial Planning Framework (CPF) helps brand owners, managers and distributors create tailored and effective go-to-market strategies based on unique and industry-specific insights. These strategies are translated into actionable and measurable local-market plans, which include clear goals for team members to ensure alignment and maximize synergies.

Overproof Apps

Our suite of critical business applications and global network of industry experts and vetted service providers help customers successfully run a business in the beer, wine or spirits industry. The suite includes an array of tools – including in-the-field account analytics, sales and marketing deployment, and budget management – that are specifically designed to gain real-time insights, optimize data collection, and improve decision making.


Our artificial and business intelligence platform – Overproof Insights – powers our Commercial Planning Framework and Apps. Overproof Insights includes our proprietary data repository, aggregated industry data, and real-time user generated data Fueled by our customer’s day-to-day actions taken through the CPF and Apps, Overproof Insights turns data into smarter metrics that help businesses and brands succeed.

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Following B-corporation guidelines, Overproof combines business and social goals, and actively gives back to the communities it serves.